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Founded in Switzerland in 1957, Fixatti (China) Polymers Ltd. officially joined Arkema Group in 2020. It was the first company to successfully develop thermoplastic powders and apply them in the textile industry. As a global leader in hotmelt adhesive technology, the company has several patented technologies. It remains fully committed to innovation through research and development and endeavors to provide excellent quality to its customers. In June 2009, the Swiss Headquarters invested €12.5 million into a brand-new factory that covers 20,000 m2 in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone. The company mainly serves the Chinese, Asian, North American and European markets and has performed well in recent years. Headquarters continue to make investments to enable its China market to build up local technology. Moreover, it has established a technical center, which allows Fixatti to offer its Chinese customers an even better, faster and more personalized service. Currently, products of Fixatti are widely used in automotive, construction, electronics, metal coating and other industries. Since the hotmelt adhesives are eco-friendly, the company is optimistic about its market prospects and development opportunities.



No.9, Caihua Road, Chemical Industry Zone, Shanghai



-     Thermoplastic Particles / Thermoplastic Powder:  CoPA, CoPES

-     Thermoplastic Powder: TPU, EVA, LDPE, HDPE, SPECIALTIES

-     Thermosetting Glue Powder: SP 100, EP 2000, OLEFINES



-     In 2006, Schaetti entered China and established an integrated plant in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone that includes office, polymerization, milling plant and storage.

-     In 2009, Schaetti Shanghai officially started operation with integrated production and marketing.

-     In 2009, Schaetti merged with Belgium-based DAKOTA to form the new company Fixatti.

-     In 2009, Fixatti expanded to India and its global presence.

-     In 2020, Fixatti joined Arkema, and became a subsidiary of Bostik.