On the China Composites Expo exhibitors come together from across the entire spectrum from raw material to finished product, and also the latest manufacturing technologies and various applications of reinforced plastics.

The aim of China Composites Expo is to meet the needs of the market. In China the demand for composites has been increasing for years, especially in the user industry for wind energy, automotive, aviation and shipping, the demand high. In the wind power plant construction, China is now the world's largest market.


During this online edition, Arkema will showcase its unique offering of innovative solutions for composite materials, in particular our Elium® liquid thermoplastic resin, Sartomer® crosslinkers, reactive diluents and thermoset resins, Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers, our solutions for 3D printing with N3xt Dimension® UV-curable resins and our range of semi-finished products in the form of high performance Kepstan®Kynar® and Rilsan® Matrix thermoplastic-matrix carbon-fiber unidirectional tapes.

Our global offering of solutions would not be completed without our solutions of additives: Luperox® organic peroxides, the unique easily dipersible core-shell powder toughening agent Clearstrength® XT100Nanostrength® self-assembling block copolymers provinding resistance and transparency, Orgasol® polyamide powders used as toughening agent, Graphistrength® electrical conductive additive and our industrial adhesives and sealants solutions of Bostik !


Elium® 复合材料树脂
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Elium® 是业界第一种液态热塑性树脂,专用于制造机械性能与热固性物质机械性能相似的复合部件。Elium® 的主要优势是其性质类似于热塑性塑料,也就是说,这类树脂专用于热成型、回收和焊接。
Graphistrength® multiwall carbon nanotubes
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Graphistrength® multi walled carbon nanotubes significantly improve the mechanical strength of composites. Dispersed in a ...

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Nanostrength® 是纳米级自组装嵌段共聚物的新成员。将 Nanostrength® 产品与嵌段相容的聚合物基体混合,Nanostrength®能赋予末端材料独特的组合性能,如冲击强度、高刚性和透明度。Nanostrength® ...
Rilsan® Matrix
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Rilsan® Matrix is a series of high temperature, high performance polyamide resins especially designed for light weight automotive ...

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Sartomer 拥有最全面的丙烯酸酯单体、低聚物和特种产品。这些产品采用 UV、EB、LED、过氧化物和胺固化技术,用于涂料、油墨、胶粘剂、复合材料、3D 打印、建筑市场等行业,专注于服务高性能消费和工业应用。

Sartomer ...
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Sartomer 提供甲基丙烯酸酯单体和低聚物系列产品。甲基丙烯酸酯单体的应用广泛,包括化学半成品以及胶粘剂/密封剂,再到高弹体等等。除稀释性外,这些单体还具有各种关键特性,包括耐热性、耐化学腐蚀性和粘性。甲基丙烯酸酯低聚物的特性优异,包括硬度、耐化学腐蚀性和其他涂料和胶粘剂所需的重要的性能。
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Kepstan® is a Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) CoPolymer and is in the family of Poly Aryl Ether Ketone (PAEK) polymers. PEKK is ...

Kynar® Fluoropolymer Family
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Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resins and copolymers designed for extreme inertness in harsh environments, flame & smoke properties, weather ...

Pebax® Elastomer Family
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Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers consist of polyamide and polyether backbone blocks. ...

Rilsan® Polyamide Family
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High performance polyamides that deliver toughness, flexibility, chemical resistance, and permeation resistance. Many grades are bio-based. ...