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Founded in 1889, Bostik is a leading smart adhesive solutions provider that has patented over 9,000 technologies across applications. With 130+years of heritage in the business, Bostik is known worldwide for innovative products and cutting-edge solutions in the industrial, construction and consumer markets.

In 2015, Bostik joined the Arkema Group through acquisition. Bostik is the Specialty High Performance Materials segment. Bostik’s growth prospects have been greatly increased by the opportunities found in the two firms’ complimentary innovation strategies, ideals, and technologies, setting the stage for the success of this high-value venture.


Jiangsu Bostik Adhesive Co., Ltd.



No. 15-9, Xinggang Road, Changshu Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu



R&D and production of adhesives, sales of self-made products and providing relevant services.

Bostik Findley China Co., Ltd.



No.75, Xin Zhuang 2 Road, Yong He District, GETDD, Guangzhou



Chemical Industry