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Arkema’s goal is to rank among the leading chemicals and materials producers in terms of safety performance. Its workplace health and safety policy is based on risk prevention, management guidelines and a culture of safety. 

Integrate safety as a must 


We are committed to the climate and to a reduction in the environmental footprint of our business activities. The Group is thus working to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy and water, decrease the emissions stemming from its activity, develop the use of renewable resources, and foster the circular economy. 

Act for climate and the environment 

Safety, health, climate and environmental protection are core priorities in the management of Arkema and a major focus of its CSR policy

The Group’s health, safety and environment approach is structured around three areas:

  • prevention of industrial risks,
  • integrated management system,
  • a culture of safety and the environment

Safety, health, environment and quality – AIMS, the all-in-one audit

To ensure a highly efficient inspection and control process, all of the Group-led safety, health, environment protection and quality audits have been consolidated into a single audit, known as the Arkema Integrated Management System (AIMS).  It combines both Arkema's own requirements and those of the international standards to which we subscribe. 

This “all-in-one” approach has the dual benefit of being aligned with the Group’s corporate culture and ensuring consistency across all its safety, environment, energy and quality management initiatives. 

In 2022, 91% of the Group's sites had undergone an AIMS audit within the previous three years.

2025 target : audit of 100 % of the sites according to AIMS