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Housing is said to be sustainable when its construction, location and use are environmentally responsible. Moreover, sustainable housing must include the notions of comfort tied to wellbeing at home.

The acquisition of Bostik in 2015 has enhanced Arkema's portfolio of materials for construction and the comfort of our homes. The Group now offers product ranges that contribute to thermal and sound insulation, such as grouting and sealants, glues, bonding agents, and non-polluting mortars.

Taking action against high-energy housing with new construction materials

Inside our homes, comfort depends in particular on our ability to maintain the required temperature, whatever the season. Arkema develops high performance coatings that minimize heat loss and boost thermal insulation.

  • White roofs as an alternative to air conditionning:

The Group has developed the Kynar Aquatec® PVDFresin, a waterborne formulation used in the manufacture of white paint for reflective roofs. In high sunlight regions, these roofs help significantly reduce air-conditioning needs by 15%.
These paints afford a lifetime far outperforming that of conventional paints.

Smart windows

Siliporite® molecular sieves are tiny beads that adsorb around a third of their weight in water. Window manufacturers use them to prevent condensation in double-pane windows. Placed inside a frame between the panes, the sieves protect the window’s features for decades. Another product, Certincoat®, is a huge plus in cold climates. This low-emissivity flat-glass coating makes windows smarter by letting sunlight in and keeping heat from escaping. The end result: heating savings of 30%.


A coating to keep walls snug

Bostik has developed a leveling coat that provides thermal insulation and reduces heat loss by 15%. It preps interior walls for painting just like conventional coatings. It’s an ideal choice for renovating old buildings and improving their thermal insulation. All Arkema and Bostik products used in construction may be found in the Smart House by Arkema including its showroom.

Smart House, home-laboratory

Under the aegis of Bostik, a number of Group entities have joined forces with external partners to pool their know-how and expertise in order to come up with a long-term and innovative concept for a sustainable home.

The Smart House gives Arkema a tool for designing net-zero-energy, green, comfortable homes that are healthy for the people who live in them.

A 160 square-meter R&D to support sustainable construction

The Smart House has been designed as an "ecosystem" capable of reproducing in a connected mode (using home automation and various automated equipment) the various interactions within a real home.

These interactions will be measured by a full network of sensors.

The data collected will be utilized in order to optimize:

  • Environmental footprint
  • Energy efficiency
  • Living comfort
  • Impact of housing on human health

Arkema sets out its ambition to develop responsible and sustainable innovative solutions for environmentally sounder buildings throughout their lifecycle"


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