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Arkema (Suzhou) Polyamides Co., Ltd.


Arkema (Suzhou) Polyamides Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang, an attractive and habitable city. The company approximately covers 76,000 m2 (7.6 hectares), and has about 200 employees, its production value in 2020 has reached over 600 million RMB. As a global leading producer of advanced bio-circular PA11 and other long-chain polyamide materials, products of this integrated plant also include DA10 monomer, polymerization, compounding and powder. They are now widely used in automotive and transportation tubing systems

, cable jackets, renewable energy, electrical and electronic components, etc.



No. 1, Feng Nan Road, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu



Specialty polyamides, includes:

-     Rilsan®: Renewable/bio-based PA11 for excellent durability and toughness

-     Pebax®: Excellent lightweight, highly resilient thermoplastic elastomer

-     Rilsan® Fine Powders: Bio-based polyamide powder for powder coatings and 3D printing

-     Orgasol®: Polyamide powder for coating auxiliaries and 3D printing



-     In 2012, Arkema acquired Suzhou Polyamides Co., Ltd.

-     In 2013, production for PA12 modified products was started in Zhangjiagang plant.

-     In 2014, the new DA10 production facility was successfully started up.

-     In 2014, production of PA11 polymerization and modification products was started in Zhangjiagang plant.

-     In 2016, the Peony powder plant was successfully started up.

-     In 2017, production capacity for Poly line A increased by 25%.

-     In 2018, production capacity for Poly line B increased by 20%.

-     In February 2021, it gained approval and was recognized as one of Suzhou’s chemical monitoring sites (the first batch in Zhangjiagang).