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Sartomer (Guangzhou) Chemicals Ltd.


Sartomer is the global leading manufacturer of specialty photocure resins and Sartomer (Guangzhou) Chemicals Ltd. became its first manufacturing base in Asia in March, 2008.

Covering 80,000 m2, the Guangzhou plant has ample space for further expansion as and when required. It was designed and constructed according to the latest state-of-art and technology standards and is committed to providing Specialty (Meth) acrylate monomers, oligomers, engineered resins, photoinitators and additives to customers across Asia. Through high quality technical support as well as a highly responsive localized logistics service, it is well-positioned to foster unique partnerships with customers and meet their personalized and individual development needs.


No.6 Southern 4th Road, Xiaohu Island, Nansha, Guangzhou



UV curing resins



-     In 2012, Arkema acquired Sartomer.

-     In 2019, Arkema started a 30% photocure resin production capacity increase in China, helping to meet the strong demand for electronics in Asia.

-     In 2019, Arkema acquired Lambson, enabling Sartomer to offer its customers an even broader and comprehensive range of products.

-     In 2020, Arkema invested in Continuous Composites, strengthening the production of customized and large-scale composite parts.

-     In 2020, Arkema invested in Adaptive3D, complementing its expertise in UV liquid resin material design.

-     In 2020, Arkema expanded Sartomer’s product offering and expertise in 3D printing with the acquisition of Colorado Photopolymer Solutions.

-     In 2021, Arkema opened a Center of Excellence in Wether dedicated to photocuring technology and its photoinitiators.
-     In 2022, Sartomer received the first Certificate of Origin under RCEP in the country and the first in the Guangdong province