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How to acess and follow your suppliers

To access to Ecovadis Platform :


Arkema invites its suppliers to register on the EcoVadis platform and fill in a questionnaire tailored to their company size, business sector and geographic presence.

4 areas are evaluated: Environment, Social, Ethics, Supply chain


Which option to choose?

We recommend the "BASIC" option over 1 YEAR.

This assessment is then considered VALID 3 YEARS by all TfS members.

Only suppliers with a low score are invited to redo their assessment after 12 months, after the implementation of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP).


Ecovadis rates

The EcoVadis methodology

EcoVadis experts collect, analyze and verify supplier data in order to produce reliable evaluations and scorecards.

The questionnaire is customized, according to the sector of activity, the size and the geographical location of each supplier.

The EcoVadis methodology is supervised by a scientific committee and follows the main international CSR standards.

What is the "360° watch"?


It is a complementary study of information using a multitude of data from external stakeholders. EcoVadis takes into account information and data from more than 100,000 sources (media, government, trade unions, NGOs and other business networks).

If a case is sufficiently important (a fine, sanction or general condemnation) it will have a negative impact on the score of the theme.




For suppliers

  • Avoid answering multiple solicitations/questionnaires
  • Quickly identify the real areas for improvement
  • Benchmark practices with the industry

For procurement functions

  • Managing risks
  • Access reliable information
  • Identify opportunities with suppliers

Shared results

The results of the assessments and the action plans are available on the EcoVadis platform.

The supplier scorecard will be automatically visible for all TfS member companies, and suppliers will also be able to reuse it and share it with all their customers.



The pre-communication step with the supplier is essential.

The supplier has to integrate the importance of its CSR performance into the qualification process.