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Arkema promotes ethical business practices and a safe working environment for its employees, vendors and subcontractors alike.

We strive to build long-term, balanced and sustainable relationships that are based on trust. In our choice of industrial and business partners, we favor those that respect our social commitments. Our responsible procurement process is guided by the ethical principles set out in our Code of Conduct.

Download our code of conduct for suppliers

As a leading player in the chemical industry, we value diversity of approaches and new ideas that stem from it. Our teams engage in a search for out-of-the-box and co-development solutions to constantly increase value for our customers. In its quest, Arkema works with established companies as well as start-ups, and leverages a mix of multinational and local sources.

Finally, we build today with tomorrow in mind. Through systematic screening of their components, our products are respectful of the planet, while our production processes are mindful of scarce resources like energy and water.