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Building a better world is everyone’s responsibility.

What is the TfS Academy?

For today’s businesses, that means sustainability starts with every employee. When employees are engaged around sustainability, real change is possible. To foster this engagement and help employees adopt a sustainable mindset, the doors are open to the TfS Academy.

Through the TfS Academy, sustainable procurement professionals across the chemical industry can build on and expand their knowledge, stay up to date with the latest trends, and play their part in creating more sustainable, innovative and resilient supply chains.

With the launch of the TfS Academy, the door is open to you to play your part; so come in and Unlock Your SustainAbilities.






Free access to more than 240 courses in seven languages

  • English          
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Bengali
The courses cover health and safety, environment, sustainable procurement, labour and human rights, management, and governance topics.

The TfS Academy course curriculum is designed with flexibility and adaptability in
mind; with short, bite-sized learning content on a range of areas allowing you to learn at your own pace and on the areas which are most relevant to you.


I’M A BUYER – why should I enter the TfS Academy?

The TfS Academy is amplifying our TfS community’s existing talent, with tailor-made training that meets all experience levels while sparking learner curiosity and the desire to upskill yourself.

With the TfS Academy, you can reinforce your existing sustainability expertise with ongoing learning and development, which is key to asking the right questions of your supply chain partners at the right time. Within the TfS Academy, you can connect corrective action items to valuable knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in sustainable procurement. Learn from shared best practices and partner with your fellow TfS community members to tackle sustainability challenges.

The TFS Academy is the perfect platform for you to help others in your organizations learn, to advance our shared goal of more sustainable supply chains.

I’M A SUPPLIER– why should I enter the TfS Academy?


Every one of our suppliers is an expert in their field, but reinforcing your specific knowledge of sustainable procurement can help meet customer expectations on this topic.

If you’ve taken part in a TfS Audit or Assessment, the TfS Academy is here to support you in tackling the areas for improvement already identified, as well as building up your skills in new areas.

By availing yourself of regionally specific and tailored learning content, you can proactively manage your sustainability compliance.

Sharing best practices and learnings is essential for driving shared progress – and the TfS Academy intends to do just that. Participating in the TfS Academy shared learning experience is an opportunity to learn from a peer to-peer network and refine the best ways to engage with the TfS programme.

Get started and Unlock your SustainAbilities today at on our dedicated page



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