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The TfS audit

Organized at the request of one TfS members, the audits are performed by a pre-approved audit firm according to the TfS protocol and are then shared between the supplier and all TfS members.

Audits take place on a supplier's site (factory, warehouse, agency, etc.) and include site visit, interviews with employees and documents review.

The areas investigated are management, environment, health and safety, labour and human rights, and governance issues.

Only the 4 pre-approved audit firms by the TfS office are authorised to conduct these audits.

Find the list of these firms and the contacts details

What's the next step?

To start the audit process,

  • the supplier selects one of the pre-approved firms,
  • determines a completion date
  • sends the completed and signed Supplier Confirmation Form (SCF) to his Arkema purchasing contact.

Validity of your audit report

Depending on the results obtained, follow-up by the audit firm may be necessary.

The audit report is valid for 3 years.

  • Minor findings: after a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) the TfS audit report is valid for 36 months.
  • Major or critical findings: a corrective action plan is expected and non-conformances (findings) must be closed within 12 months, if they persist a follow-up audit will be requested.

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